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Euphoria is a job placement game where dice are your workers. The numbers on each die represent that worker's knowledge, which during the game will be compared with the knowledge of other players' workers.

The more workers you add and send to the city, the more they discover about their twisted society. If they learn too much, they may abandon your cause.

Components: 48 unique recruit cards, 36 artifact cards, 6 of each type, 6 ethical dilemma cards / reference cards, 1 game board, 24 worker dice (4 of each: green, blue, red, white, black and purple), 6 moral cards with heart shape, 6 knowledge cards with face shape, 45 resource cards in 3 different colors (15 of each: gold, brown and gray), 72 product cards (18 of each: yellow, blue, orange and green), 4 progress tokens (pink), 3 miner's pawns (pink), 60 star-shaped authority tokens (10 of each: green, blue, red, white, black and purple), 16 territory markers not available, 18 unique square market tiles, 6 multipliers, 8 alliance bonus circular markers, 3 action space markers unavailable and 1 Regulation.


Recommended minimum age 13
Anchura 29 cm.
Jugadores 2-6
Tiempo aprox. 60'
Altura 33 cm
Profundidad 8 cm
Peso 1.405 gr

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