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Delve with your adventurers in the legendary temple of Luxor in search of precious treasures! The players try to be the first to reach the pharaoh's burial chamber, in addition to collecting the treasures found in the temple's passageways. For this they use cards from their hand that allow them to move their adventurers. The closer an adventurer approaches the burial chamber and the more treasures he collects along the way, the more victory points he will get.

Content; 1 board, 1 Horus board, 1 score board, 31 basic cards, 24 Horus cards, 30 treasure tiles, 14 temple tiles, 6 Horus tiles, 6 Osiris tiles, 20 keys, 18 wild treasure tiles , 22 beetles, 2 sarcophagi, 20 adventurers, 4 player tokens, 4 scorecards, 1 die, 1 initial player indicator and one regulation.

Instructions only in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Game nominated in the Spiel des Jahres 2018 awards as best game of the year.

Altura 29'7 cm
Anchura 29'7 cm
Profundidad 8 cm
Jugadores 2-4
Peso 1'700 Kg
Recommended minimum age 8

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