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Big Knight's Castle


The knights gear themselves up to defend the castle against an attack. The enemy is already at the gates. The castle is however protected by massive walls, and from the tower one has a clear view far across the country. Whoever plans to take the castle needs to be very strong and cunning. 

There is a spy inside the knight’s castle who has eavesdropped the weak spots and he will soon pass them on to his master.

The battle for the supremacy within the realm of knights is near. Day and night, the guards on the castle’s parapets keep an eye on the country, as there are rumors that the enemy plans to attack soon.

But how does the enemy intend to take the castle? After all, massive walls protect the castle and the gate can be instantly pulled up at the sight of any danger.

Nevertheless, the king and his best knights hold a council inside the high tower on how to best repel the attack. The men already carry their armour because they want to be ready at all times. Perhaps there will be dragons and griffins circling above the castle soon while horsemen and archers prepare to defend their castle and king.

Who will win the battle? Only the one who is both strong and cunning will be the winner in the end.

A huge castle to harbor a huge imagination and even more fun. The castle has a trap door, dungeon, drawbridge, secret passage and much more.

The building consists of high-quality plastic parts that can be assembled without tools.

2 Schleich figures included (see pictures).

Dimensions: 140x55cm.


Altura 55cm
Recommended minimum age 3
Anchura 140cm

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