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Boxed Set 3 DVD Tintin Et La Lune Globe Trotter Collection


Travel to the Moon in the company of Tintin and Snowy!
The conquest of space, a subject that has always fascinated us:  through 2 of the most iconic adventures of Tintin and exceptional extra content, discover how Hergé was a pioneer in his time!


  • 1 DVD of the 2 adventures: "Destination Moon" and "Explorers on The Moon"
  • 1 DVD of the documentary "Ils ont marché sur la Lune" that rounds up the testimonies of the biggest astronauts (52m.)
  • 1 DVD of the "C'est pas Sorcier": The famous presenters Fred, Jamy and Sabine go back to the origins of the Earth's natural satellite.
  • Extra content: interactive dossiers with all sources of inspiration for Hergé and a 28 page booklet with many secrets of the production of the comic albums and animated series, Hergé's appearances and much more ...

The two adventures of Tintin have dubbing and subtitles in French, English and Spanish.

Altura 19cm
Anchura 14cm
Profundidad 2,5cm
Peso 300g
Recommended minimum age 14

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