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Boxed Set Intégrale Hergé 13 DVD Limited Edition Metal Box (Tintin)


Collector's metal box numbered out of 10,000 copies worldwide.

The box includes:

  • The complete adventures in original version of the animated series Tintin, Prestige Edition 7 DVDs (13h.) remastered 5.1.
  • DVD of the three animated films in original version remastered: "The Calculus Affair" (1964-57m.), "Tintin and The Temple of the Sun" (1969-1h.17m.), "Tintin and the Lake of Sharks" (1972- 1h.13m.).
  • DVD of the documentary "Tintin and I" (2003-1h.14m.) - This documentary presents an intimate portrait of Hergé through interviews with Numa Sadoul. Bonus content.
  • DVD of the documentary "I, Tintin" (1977-52m.) - Hergé, in front of the camera discusses his life and work. Bonus content.
  • Unpublished DVD - "The Crab with the Golden Claws" (1947-59m.) - First adaptation of Hergé's work with rag dolls!
  • Two audio CDs - "En avant la musique, Tintin," which includes the popular Tintin songs and "Tintin Suite," an original composition that leads to the story of the creation of Tintin's adventures.
  • The book "Tintin le rêve et la Réalité" (205 pages) - Michael Farr, album by album, tells the story of the creation of Tintin's adventures.
  • 7 reproductions of photos and drawings from Hergé (10x15cm).

This box is the number 2092 out of 10.000 copies.

Size: 32x24x13cm. Approximate weight: 3kg.

Warning! Contents in their original French version!

Altura 13cm
Anchura 32cm
Profundidad 24cm
Peso 3kg
Recommended minimum age 14

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