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Kingdomino is a Bruno Cathala game where players play kings looking to expand their kingdom. In each round, players will select quadrangular tiles with different types of terrains and add them to their realm using simple tile placement mechanics. The score will be given by the size of each area and the number of crown symbols in it.


  • 4 pieces of start.
  • 4 castles in 4 colors (Pink, yellow, green, blue).
  • 48 dominoes, with a numbered face and another face of terrain.
  • 8 wooden kings in 4 colors (2 roses, 2 yellows, 2 green, 2 blue).
  • 1 multi-language rule book.
Peso 615g
Recommended minimum age 8
Anchura 20cm
Jugadores 2-4
Tiempo 15'
Altura 20cm
Profundidad 5cm