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Sword & Sorcery is a heroic fantasy board game that offers you a complete and intense experience, with an I.A. to control the monsters, a great possibility to customize the characters and various options during the fighting. In addition, the games are fast and dynamic thanks to an innovative system of movement and control of zones, without forgetting a lot of new features that make up a game of dimensions never seen in a product of this class.

CONTENT: 1 regulation, 1 book of deeds, 1 book of secrets, 1 reference sheet, 28 figures of 32mm, 19 double-sided map tiles, 8 special dice, 5 gems of psyche, 5 sheets of heroes, 2 scrolls of enemy, 244 cards and 226 chips.

Altura 27,5cm
Anchura 40,5cm
Profundidad 9cm
Jugadores 1-5
Peso 2,6Kg
Tiempo 30-150'
Recommended minimum age 13

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