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The Attacker and Viruses Brio Network


¿Who's living behind the screen? Brio Network is an original world of rail play that features the imaginary creatures who live inside your computer. They drive super cool vehicles around the tracks. They can listen to their messages and interact in fun, new ways. Though the networkers are inspired by the computer world, you do not need a computer to play with them.

Warning! There are viruses in the system. The Network would be a peaceful place if it weren't for the viruses: Viro, Pop-up and Para. Their attacker vehicle knows no boundaries. With its thick rubber tires, it can drive off the tracks or over them. It can even cover them like a tunnel.

Includes 4 pieces: 3 viruses and 1 vehicle with three magnets to attach the viruses to.

Altura 15cm
Anchura 28cm
Profundidad 13,5cm
Peso 450g
Piezas 4
Recommended minimum age 3

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