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Numerical Rods Maria Antònia Canals


38x21x8cm wooden box containing 1x1cm rods of different colors and lengths. CD containing a wide range of activities included. This box complements with Numerical Squares (Ref.ARDI8951) and Numerical Cubes (Ref.ARDI8952) boxes.


They are colored wooden strips representing the first 10 natural numbers, their squares and cubes. Their magnitudes are a realistic expression of quantities, without marked units.

- Natural numbers are represented by strips of 1cm2 of section, their length in centimeters is equal to the number represented and their colors are as follows: one (a die with an edge of 1cm) in natural wood color; 2, 4 and 8 (number 2's family) correspond with the range of pink, red and maroon; 3 and 9, correspond with light blue and dark blue; 6 (2 and 3's family) is lilac (mixture of pink and light blue); 5 is green; 7 is yellow and 10 is brown, (mixture of pink and green, 2 x 5)
- The squares (not included) are represented by square plates, 1cm thick each, same color and side length that their corresponding number.
- The cubes (not included) are represented by cubes with an edge in cm. and color also corresponding with the numbers from 1 to 10.
They are presented in three wooden boxes, respectively.
Approximately: The initial cycle corresponds with the first box (rods); medium cycle, corresponds with first and second boxes (rods and squares), and all three boxes for the higher cycles.

General purpose of Numerical Rods:

At first glance it might seem suitable for pre-school, but that would be a mistake. Their main purpose is not only to initiate the notion of quantity up to the number 10 but to go further.
In addition to high efficiency for understanding concepts, they enhance most of the skills characteristics of mathematical knowledge, both in terms of knowledge of numbers and operations. Regarding the knowledge of numbers, their main objectives are:

  • To see quantities, so they can be imagined afterwards.
  • Help boys and girls to become familiar with the natural numbers and to estimate them.
  • Promote knowledge of numbers and realistic estimation of quantities.
  • Work the decimal number base, enhancing its comprehension.
  • Experiment and discover relationships between numbers, their squares and cubes.
  • Investigate and discover numerical questions, which are like the "mysteries" of numbers.
  • Support reasoning, observation and verbal expression, based on manipulation
  • Facilitate the transition to writing mathematical language, learning the real meaning of signs and step forward to the algebraic language.


Keep away from younger children. For use under adult supervision. Recommended age from 4 years.

Warning!: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts.

Altura 8cm
Anchura 21cm
Profundidad 38cm
Peso 1500g
Recommended minimum age 4


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Numerical Rods Maria Antònia Canals

Numerical Rods Maria Antònia Canals